Your new governance management tool is here

Enhance your governance management with unique features

Accomplish everything from the governance body creation to signing meeting minutes with a fully customizable structure, integrated task management, real time visibility, and advanced collaboration features.


Create and customize boards & committees

Easily create and fully customize your boards and committees according to your organization’s requirements, and assign roles and responsibilities to each member.

Corporate Governance Structure
Create any type of board or committee on a group or company level, and achieve full governance management.

Governance Body Profile
A bird’s eye view on your board or committee, including composition, policies and meeting templates.


Ensure compliance by setting policies

Define the policies of boards and committees and standardize them on an organizational level.
Adjust the frequency and margin days of meetings, how long in advance to send the meeting request, permitted absences in a set period of time, quorum requirements, and choose a casting vote member.

Automated Control
The platform will make sure the policies are complied with every time and that you’re in the know if something’s amiss through Analytics & Reports.


All your governance body information in context

Each governance body gets a dashboard, which includes a summary of its most relevant information, a calendar and timeline, and an overview of your tasks and meetings.


Organize, edit and manage all your meetings

Never feel lost or out of context with guided workflows that lead you through every meeting stage, whether it’s Planned, Started, Ended or Closed.

Plan your meeting before it starts, keep track of attendance, check or update agenda items, assign a presenter, define previous actions, and add documents.

Start a meeting by setting a date and time, checking attendance, confirming the agenda, as well as follow on all agenda items, including issues you’re required to mention, review and/or vote. You can also add comments and private notes.

Ended and Closed
End a meeting by documenting the outcomes, signing the minutes, and following up with Next Actions. You can access them at any time.


Set an agenda tailored to your needs

Plan your agenda and set items to mention, review or vote, assign a presenter, add previous actions, documents and notes.

Meeting Template
No more re-programming tasks that happen in every meeting. Create a template with recurring tasks and save time when planning your next meeting.

Previous and Next Actions
Make sure the previous actions for each agenda item have been finalized for each meeting and keep everyone in check by assigning Next Actions.


No-fuss record keeping

Autogenerated meeting minutes fully digitalize your board management.

Make minutes your own by personalizing their content and adding your company branding.

Digital Signature
Go paperless and directly sign off on meeting minutes online.


A continuous audit system

Take a look at everything going on in your governance bodies and identify breaches at a glance with comprehensive reports.

Red flags
Get alerts on risk factors and the rate of internal control effectiveness thanks to our continuous audit system, in which you can instantly see their status.

See real-time KPIs and get useful insights to easily create quarterly or annual reports.

Automated connections

Boards & Committees is unrivaled thanks to the connections it will have with future HETIKUS applications, which turn it into the most powerful board management tool in the market. Want to know how it happens? Here’s an example:

Policies & Procedures
  1. A new document added to Regulations & Policies is set to be approved and regularly reviewed by a board or committee.

  2. Automated tasks will be added to the upcoming ordinary or extraordinary meeting agendas for approval with periodic reviews.

  3. The document, policy or procedure will be automatically updated with the board or committee’s decisions at each meeting.

Ready to enhance the way you manage your governance?