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Clarity where it matters most

Enhance enterprise-wide board governance with fully customizable boards, integrated task management, real time visibility and advanced collaboration features, all in one place.

View all Board Activity in an instant

Get more done and make better decisions with a clear view of all board events across the organization.

Find a full board description, timeline and calendar view of all meetings and tasks, allowing you to easily locate the minutes and agendas of your past and future events.

Enhanced collaboration inside Virtual Meeting Rooms

Dedicated virtual spaces allow board and committee members to manage the objectives, agenda and tasks with full communication and collaboration.

Organize work efficiently with automated invitations, reminders, and notifications for meetings, agenda points, document sharing and more.

Fully customizable Boards

Easily create and fully customize all your boards flawlessly with simple and automated processes.

Assign roles, responsibilities and casting votes to the members of your board.

Define the policies and procedures of individual boards and committees by adjusting the frequency of meetings, margin dates as well implementing specific quorum requirements for motions to pass.

Transform all board functions into recurring tasks that need to be reviewed or approved. Make sure everything gets done correctly and on time.

Attendance Management

Receive attendance confirmation, establish your quorum and implement absence policies.


Directly vote on or review each agenda item within your meeting.

Document Management

Secure multi-level document management across boards, agendas and tasks.


Autogenerated meeting minutes fully digitalize your board management.


Go paperless and directly sign off on meeting minutes online.

Automated connections is where the real magic happens

Boards & Committees is unrivaled thanks to its powerful allies. The seamless bilateral connections with other HETIKUS modules make it the most powerful board management tool in the market, period. See some examples below:

Policies & Procedures
  1. A new document added to Policies & Procedures is set to be approved and regularly reviewed by a board or committee.

  2. Automated tasks will be added to the upcoming ordinary or extraordinary meeting agendas for approval with periodic reviews.

  3. The document, policy or procedure will be automatically updated with the board or committee’s decisions at each meeting.

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