Policy management, modernized

Build policies that work for the whole organization

Formulate, approve and communicate your policies and procedures within one state-of-the-art system, guaranteeing that your whole organization stays aligned.

Total Control over all your Policies

With advanced filtering, you’ll be able to instantly discover the status of all your policies.

Enjoy total flexibility in the way you wish to manage your policies, setting out the scope, confidentiality settings as well as the document type such as methodologies, manuals, codes of conduct and many more.

Keep your Team
in the Loop

Thanks to a module that has been designed to facilitate the highest level of collaboration between the stakeholders during the formulation and revision process of each policy as well as the members of your organization whom it will affect.

The rigorous approval process ensures that the finished article is of the highest quality with boards, committees and individuals being able to be consulted. Finally, with advanced communication settings, you guarantee that your latest policy updates always reach their intended audience.

Ongoing Policy Optimization

Your policies are constantly evolving as your organization grows. HETIKUS makes use of an intuitive back and forth revision process when crafting each individual policy to ensure that you always tick all of the right boxes.

Creating new versions of specific policies has never been easier thanks to update options being built into each workflow.

Create dynamic policies that sit at the heart of your organization, helping to guide the direction and working methods of your teams as they take you forward.

Revisit and Update Policies

Your company isn’t static, nor are its policies. Update them with streamlined workflows.


Control how each policy changes with each version as the needs of your organization evolve.

Tailored Communication

Establish the recipients of each policy, whether they are individuals, departments or whole companies.


Ensure that your employees are actively engaging with policies by tracking who has read each document.

Actionable Suggestions

Make policy formulation a team effort with your employees suggesting how policies can be updated and improved.

Automated connections is where the real magic happens

Policies & Procedures is unrivaled thanks to its powerful allies. The seamless bilateral connections with other HETIKUS modules make it the most powerful board management tool in the market, period.See some examples below:

Boards & Committees
  1. A new document added to Policies & Procedures is set to be approved and regularly reviewed by a board or committee.

  2. Automated tasks will be added to the upcoming ordinary or extraordinary meeting agendas for approval with periodic reviews.

  3. The document, policy or procedure will be automatically updated with the board or committee’s decisions at each meeting.

Our Platform
  1. Each time that you have to upload documentation within any of the HETIKUS modules, you will be able to chose a specific document that has already been approved by the relevant parties within Policies & Procedures.

  2. In the future, when this document updated within Policies & Procedures, it will consequently be automatically updated within the other modules in which it is present.

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