The World’s First Integrated Regulatory Management Platform

With a modular RegTech all-in-one solution.

How it Works

HETIKUS empowers organizations of all sizes with an intuitive Integrated Regulatory Management (IRM) platform for corporate governance, risk management and compliance.
Composed of six modules, it ensures compliance and adapts to ever-changing regulations by connecting your workgroups in one same multidisciplinary environment across all your teams and companies.

Reunite all Your Companies

Giving you a global vision and total control of regulatory compliance across your organization.

Manage all your Regulations

Keeping your entire organization’s regulatory obligations on track.

Recognize all the Regulatory Components

With six modules automatically breaking them down into streamlined workflows, manageable tasks and automated alerts.

A Modular Solution, All in One Place

An integrated modular solution allows you to select only the modules you need, at any time, and easily adapt as your organization’s compliance requirements expand.

Digitally manage and tailor all aspects of your companies’ boards and committees. Simplify collaboration, improve visibility and enhance governance with instant access to everything in one place.

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Monitor end-to-end policies and procedures management in a clean and transparent way. Keep information up to date, focus only on what is relevant and improve accountability and reporting.

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Help build the skills needed in your organization with an integrated Learning and Development module that will solve knowledge gaps. Empower your teams to transform your business at scale.

Transform how you identify and mitigate risks. Take full control of the process with an intuitive end-to-end tool that seamlessly connects risk management with your organization’s plan.

Streamline onboarding, investigation, documentation and distribution of due diligence information by integrating structured processes and secure Virtual Data Rooms into your workflow.

Track, detect and manage unusual operations with rules and behavioral pattern analysis, automated alerts and enhanced case management using machine learning and big data capabilities.

Core Features

HETIKUS’ powerful core features run seamlessly throughout the entire platform, offering you unrivalled insights and control over your regulatory requirements. Regardless of the number of modules that you chose to work with, HETIKUS guarantees that your team has the right tools to stay in command.

Global Position

Task Manager

Reports & Analytics

Chat & Notifications


Manage Everything in a Single Place

Instantly see what’s happening across all modules throughout your organization, giving you a clear view of where you stand with regards to your compliance progress.

Get a detailed overview of all upcoming tasks and events, ensuring that the most pressing issues are always displayed front and center.

Swiftly locate all your tasks and events with weekly and monthly calendar views, using the filters to maintain a clear view of where you stand within each specific module.


Create and Automate Tailored Tasks

For both you and your team across all six modules, establishing the deadlines that must be met.

Flexible Task Configuration
Set out the exact content and configuration of tasks to match up to the way in which your organization operates, determining who is responsible and to whom they will report.

Guided Workflows
Each module makes use of automated tasks and notifications to guide you through the steps that are needed to tackle each component that make up the overall specific regulation.


Obtain Real-time Insights

With reporting and analytics that are constantly updated thanks to live automated auditing. Gain instant information about the performance of team members as well as data that is specific to the progress status of each module.


Facilitate Unparalleled Teamwork

With a chat feature that allows your team to stay in constant contact. On top of this, you’ll never miss a beat thanks to notifications that guarantee you always stay one step ahead of crucial deadlines.

Need help using HETIKUS?

Getting started with HETIKUS is as easy as it gets with the intuitive platform guiding you through every stage of setup. Should you ever require any additional assistance, our Knowledge and Support Centres are on hand to get you the answers you are after.

Knowledge Center

If you get stuck whilst using HETIKUS, you can pop over to the knowledge center where you’ll be able to find concise instructions on how to solve your query.

Customer Success

Our dedicated team will be your first point of contact for questions about the platform, ensuring you always get the most out of HETIKUS.

Need Specialised Expertise?

For queries that require legal expertise, you can request a consultation from a member of our network of RegTech experts. They will guide you through even the most complex of regulatory obstacles.