The World’s Most Ambitious RegTech Project Launches in Madrid

Madrid based startup, HETIKUS, has launched the first module (Boards & Committees) of its platform, announcing its arrival as one of the first Spanish RegTech companies.

HETIKUS is aiming to build the most sophisticated RegTech platform in the world, becoming the first company to have developed software that is able to streamline and integrate a wide range of areas within compliance. 

The launch of the Boards & Committees module represents a significant milestone for the company. HETIKUS plans to launch further modules throughout 2019, completing a platform that they expect to revolutionise the world of compliance. 

Founder and CEO, Javier Garaeta said of the launch: 

“We want each module to stand head and shoulders above the competition in their respective markets. However, what we really believe makes HETIKUS an unparalleled platform are the advanced connections that exist between each module. This is something that will revolutionise the compliance industry in a way that no other product has done”.

Throughout 2019, HETIKUS will launch the modules that compose the complete platform in the following order:

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Learning & Development 
  • Risk Management
  • Due Diligence 
  • Monitor & Cases

Garaeta, who has a decade of experience working in compliance across Europe and the Americas, chose to launch the company in his native Madrid, stating his belief that the city is on the road to becoming one of Europe’s main technology hubs. 

“Madrid has come a long way in the past few years and I believe it is the perfect place to establish the roots of such an ambitious project. The combination of the existing talent in this city combined with recent events such as Brexit, make it far easier to attract top international profiles. Madrid has an incredibly bright future attracting tech startups”.

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